Education changes lives. Together with good quality foster care a positive school experience can transform fostered children’s expectations and unlock their potential. 

Understanding attachment theory

Children and young people with attachment issues may demonstrate diminished self-esteem and resilience are limitations on engagement in relationships and emotional and cognitive development. 

LFA Toolkit for schools

The toolkit for schools contains evidenced based resources, tools and training materials to help schools engage more effectively with foster carers and focus on improving educational outcomes for children looked after. 

What does it mean to be looked after?

Amy’s Diary is based on the fictional diary entries of Amy, a fostered young person. Each left hand page lists Amy’s diary entry while each right hand page covers advice for teachers, designated staff in educational provisions, social workers

London Designated Teacher Network

We are running twilight networking sessions for Designated Teachers, that will sustain and extend professional networks and disseminate evidence-based practice with a positive impact on educational outcomes for children looked after.

Always the new kid in class

“I’d been to so many schools I’d missed out on so much that I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed to be sitting in a room with kids that have been in the same class, and have all been taught the same things. They know it, because they’ve been there all that time and I haven’t. It’s embarrassing to be like, ‘I don’t know the answer’ because I didn’t get the chance to learn”

Francesca, Young Ambassador 

Croydon School-to-School Hub

We are developing a local cluster of schools, led by Edenham High School in Croydon and supported by an Achievement for All coach and the Croydon Virtual School.